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'Deepest sympathies to all who loved you Freddie , a true Comedy Genius who made millions of us laugh, we thank our lucky Starr, God Bless Joe and James xx' #FreddieStarr @jamiemoran1




Sharing happy memories of Joe and Jamie on a winter break in Florida with dear friends Phil Hilton , Len Rawcliffe and Sandra Holiday here in Fort Lauderdale #joelongthornembe #specialmemoriesJoe LOngthorne MBE 2018Joe Longthorne #EarlydaysJoe Longthorne with Lesley Lovejoy at The Ivy Leaf Club Birmingham Nov 2018.Joe Longthorne with Lesley Lovejoy at The Ivy Leaf Club Birmingham Nov 2018.Joe Longthorne with Leanne Griffiths at The Ivy leaf Club Birmingham Nov 2018.




The enormous showing of everyone’s love and appreciation of Joe and his incomparable talent and genius over the days since he passed on 3rd August 2019 and at his funeral processions, firstly in Hull before his Requiem Mass and burial in Blackpool is so deeply & lovingly appreciated by Jamie and all the family.

In the days following Joe’s passing, his instructions to Jamie were followed to the letter and he was indeed honoured as he had wished. He went home to his beloved ‘Hessle Road’ before the public funeral service in Blackpool and being laid to rest in Layton Cemetery.

He was a true ‘man of the people’ in every sense of the word and he lived the most incredible, amazing life. A career in entertainment of over 50 years with 31 summer seasons in Blackpool, his adopted home town, is unrivalled. It’s of the utmost importance now to have a lasting memorial to the ‘Incomparable Joe Longthorne MBE’.
Joe was never keen on anything static in memorial to him and he always enjoyed travelling around. It is with this in mind and after much thought, Jamie has decided to commission a bronze statue in memory of Joe.

In tribute to him, the statue will be hopefully toured to many of the theatres Joe performed at during his career, with an expected completion date for the statue of early in 2020.

He dearly appreciates the various petitions & efforts which have been raised recently in Joe’s memory, however , he now asks that everyone will unite behind these plans.



I have known Joe for a very long time.

He’s the ultimate come back kid and I find it very hard to even say the word WAS and put a full stop, rather than a

No matter the painful struggle to stay well and working, he was always prayed for and in our thoughts for his next moment in the spotlight, where he was so brilliantly entertaining and emotionally connected .

I feel the world has lost one of the most gifted entertainers who combined his powerful and deeply emotional singing and stories as well as being able to throw us into an evening with world renowned superstars by his amazing impressions.

In my experience of knowing Joe, he has always been a very caring human being, even under the severe condition of his illness, he never failed to give his utmost in every performance. He was the king of “the show must go on.”

God bless you Joe. You may have left us but I’m sure you are rousing up some talented musicians and putting a set list together, but rest awhile first. Pick a spectacular cloud and rest.
You deserve it!

You will always remain in our hearts and until we all meet again, send us a little sunshine now and again.

Until then .... thanks to the songs you left behind, your music and showmanship will be watched and listened to by the wonderful and faithful friends who have followed you all the days of your life in the spotlight and the days before, when you were destined to become who you became.

You ARE missed!

Your Friend,



I was very lucky years ago when Joe agreed to do a duet with me on an album I recorded. Not only was he a lovely man I had known over many years, he was also a huge talent!

We sang ”You can’t take that away from me”.... !! God rest his soul and one thing they could never take away from Joe, was his incredible voice.

Much love Barbara Windsor xx”



"He has been an idol of mine from the first moment I heard him sing. I got goosebumps every time I saw him perform. I always felt proud to know him and when he sang my songs he made them sound better than anyone else.

The world is a poorer place today and I will cling to every precious memory of his friendship and colossal talent."



"I first heard Joe Longthorne some thirty years ago, when I was standing by a lift at the Café Royal in London, waiting to go home. I strolled across to listen more carefully to a remarkable entertainer, whose magnificent voice held me captivated for the next couple of hours. From that moment, I joined his legion of fans and was fortunate enough to become a friend, as well as an admirer'"