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Duration: 01:05

joe longthorne "born again " ! by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

A message from Joe Longthorne to everyone on the day he received the news that he is free of cancer following mouth surgery earlier this month.

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Duration: 07:53

joe longthorne new dvd "in my own words" exclusive trailer by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

This upcoming DVD release on 27th July 2014 from Reactive Media features the legendary entertainer Joe Longthorne. Joe, one of the UK's greatest ever Entertainers and in 2014 looking back on a 45 year career reaching the heights of show business , has allowed cameras unrestricted access to his life, professional and private in the last couple of months. This DVD is a very rare unrestricted 'Up Close and Personal' opportunity to see Joe off stage and at home in Blackpool which Joe has called home since the early 2000s. Come on a guided tour of the special Blackpool places in Joe's life and watch Joe's extensive interviews where he speaks honestly and deeply about all aspects of his life, both professionally and private. This film has a very emotional and poignant side to it as during the filming doctors confirmed that Joe was suffering from cancer again and was facing up to a major operation and further treatment. See extensive concert footage of Joe performing landmark shows at Viva Blackpool and around the country in the last few weeks prior to entering hospital. Full details on ordering on

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Duration: 01:49

message from joe longthorne ahead of cancer surgery by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

Joe Longthorne entered hospital early this morning 2nd July 2014 for planed throat cancer surgery today. Yesterday in the peaceful surroundings of his garden he recorded this message for all his friends and fans around the world.

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Duration: 05:07

joe longthorne mbe "321" itv series 1982 by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

Here is an early clip of Joe Longthorne on the long running ITV network game show '321' with host Ted Rogers.

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Duration: 07:10

joe longthorne mbe "tarby and friends" itv by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

The one and only Mr Joe Longthorne MBE in this clip from ITV archives.....sit back and watch "The Genius of Joe".

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Duration: 04:19

joe longthorne mbe " the long and winding road" by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

The one and only Mr Joe Longthorne with "The Long and Winding Road".

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Duration: 03:54

joe longthorne mbe "stormy weather" by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

The one and only Mr Joe Longthorne with the classic "Stormy Weather".

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Duration: 03:56

joe longthorne mbe "here comes harry ! " by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

Here's a great old friend of Joe Longthorne's, Mr Harry Cluttercrutch, Harry's been on his travels for a while but there's been just a few brief sightings around the country recently, wonder where he is and just what he's been up to ?

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Duration: 03:38

joe longthorne mbe "dont cry out loud" by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

Joe Longthorne performing Peter Allen's classic 'Don't Cry Out Loud'.

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Duration: 04:05

joe longthorne mbe "always on my mind" by JOELONGTHORNEMBE

Joe Longthorne's outstanding version of "Always on My Mind".

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